The Palms Hotel, Borrego Springs

Just when you think the small bumpy road would lead to nowhere, an ensemble of palms appears from afar. And what looks like an oasis actually is an oasis: The Palms Hotel, also known as The Palms At Indian Head, welcomes you with everything you’d wish for in the middle of Borrego desert. It’s got a giant pool. It’s got a nice restaurant. And on top of that, it is a mid century marvel – a part from some furniture oddities. But there’s no reason to be disappointed: The long two-story building sports a glass façade providing you with an amazing cinemascope view over the pool into the great wide open desert. The rooms are elegant and very generous in size. Be sure to set your timer – at least once – just before the sun comes up and enjoy the silent spectacle of a sunrise in the desert. Magic moments like these are what this place is all about.

2220 Hoberg Rd, Borrego Springs, CA 92004
(760) 767-7788
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