Highland Gardens, Hollywood

The old magic of Hollywood may have changed and many people claim it’s long gone but its traces can still be found. So why don’t you start your Hollywood-style journey at the Highland Gardens Hotel? Originally known as the Hollywood Landmark Hotel, it was built in the mid 1950s and during the past decades many celebrities chose it as their retreat. Even today you’ll appreciate this place for the same reason the Rat Pack and Janis Joplin loved it: It’s not far from the buzz but it still makes you feel you were miles away. And it is indeed amazing to find such a tranquil place so close to all of the Hollywood hustle. The Walk Of Fame for example is just a short 5 minutes walk away – if you’re into that kind of attractions. But maybe you might rather stay by the pool, surrounded by a lush vegetation and dream yourself back into the golden era of Hollywood glitz and imagine watching Ginger Rogers or Gary Cooper enjoying a refreshing dip… Back in your room you’ll notice that it’s not 1959 anymore and the bright white lobby with aluminum accents finally confirms you’re in the 21st century. But it’s so easy to dream, out there in the garden.

7047 Franklin Ave., Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 850-0536 (main)
(800) 404-5472 (reservation)
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