North Shore Beach & Yacht Club, Salton Sea


Looking for a romantic honeymoon destination? Planning a weekender with your new date? Well, it’s not that we wouldn’t recommend this place but the glory days of Salton Sea are probably over. At least almost – because there’s a sign of hope. The North Shore Beach & Yacht Club is something like the last resort in this area. The Albert Frey-designed building opened in 1962 and was restored only a few years ago. These two facts should be reason enough to pay it a visit, whether on a day trip from Palm Springs or from San Diego. With its shiny metal façade and the bright colors of the nautical flags adorning the southern wing, the old Beach & Yacht Club looks almost unreal in the middle of Salton Sea’s end of days atmosphere. But it’s not just its strange appeal that makes it worth visiting. The building is home to the Salton Sea Museum and Visitor Center where you can find out more about a very unique and also sad chapter in Southern California’s history.


99155 Sea View Dr, CA 92254
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