The Queen Mary, Long Beach

As you may have guessed it, the Queen Mary in Long Beach is not your average hotel. But this is not the reason why we were hesitating to include her majesty in our guide. Tourist trap! was our first thought, when we started collecting information about the time-honored Queen. But luckily, we changed our minds and went on board. And we almost went over board, the more time we spent and the more we discovered of her royal secrets. Sure, it is a tourist trap. But she has earned the title with respect. We recommend you to spend a night off-season like we did. And you’ll enjoy a very special experience. The spirit(s) of the Queen Mary will haunt you, at the latest when you’re wandering through the seemingly endless hallways. You’ll get lost and you’ll love it when you open that twin door to one of the old dance halls and you’re there on your own, all alone… Or not? Anybody there? Nobody? Wasn’t there a hint of swing music? Well, talk about a “Shining” moment. But don’t blame us we didn’t warn you.

1126 Queen Highway, Long Beach, CA 90802
(877) 342-0742

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