Hotel Valley Ho, Scottsdale AZ


The desert’s the place to dwell – this must have been the credo of many a lounge lizard in the 1950s. But even back then, Rat Pack elegance wasn’t just to be found around Palm Springs hotel pools. The Valley Ho in Scottsdale, Arizona was another hot spot. And it still is. You can’t miss the building with its distinct landmark character. The bright, lavish lobby wows you with an impressive assortment of furniture and you already spot your soon-to-be favorite place right in front of the fireplace. After checking in you probably opt for some refreshments at the bar. And while sipping on that Martini chances are good you spontaneously decide to stay at the hotel for dinner. A decision you won’t regret thanks to the excellent cuisine and the pleasant atmosphere at the hotel’s own restaurant ZuZu which makes you feel at ease from the second you enter. And it gets even more pleasant when you open the door to your room. The hotel management did an amazing job at the renovation of the Valley Ho as the mid-century modern feel of the rooms still is intact and even gets complimented by a contemporary twist. A combination that’s hard to get right. But here it just feels fresh and crisp and still reassuringly timeless.


6850 E. Main Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85251(480) 248-2000
(866) 882-4484
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