Desert Hills Hotel, Palm Springs


Palm Springs doesn’t need an introduction to our readers. The mid-century modern capital offers a vast choice of accomodation – even for the seasoned time traveller. One of our latest favorites is the Desert Hills Hotel. It was built in 1957 and makes you wonder where all those decades in between have vanished to. The beautiful grass-lined courtyard with its elegantly curved pool is the heart of the resort and chances are good it will become the heart of your stay at the Desert Hills, too. Enjoy the mountain views from your deckchair or just close your eyes for a little afternoon nap. While the sun is setting you might return to your room where you dress up for the evening. Downtown Palm Springs is only a few blocks away so why not do a little stroll before dinner? While waiting until your partner did the final touch to his/her look you take a closer glance at the room. The interior designer did a good job on the rooms by making reference to the glorious past and combining it with a touch of contemporary feel. Another good reason to return to this serene desert haven. And be sure to grab one of those wonderful old postcards or brochures at the front desk – in case there are still some left.


601 W. Arenas Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262
(760) 325-2777
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